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My Approach

Each client appointment is individualized, using modalities that will improve your quality of life:

  • the atmosphere is relaxing with the use of healing sounds and therapeutic essences that create a quiet space that can take a person from the real world into a space of escape.
  • blended use of Shiatsu therapy, myofascial release, and deep tissue release of muscles.
  • use of certified organic lotions and essences to enhance the releases.
  • use of stones, a laser cluster diode, and moxa cups for fascial release to back and neck areas of need.
  • acupuncture is used if the client is in need, with the option of laser acupuncture or traditional needles.
  • the session is booked according to the client's needs, which can last from 20 to 80 minutes based on how long to achieve the desired releases.
  • advice on diet and exercise; yoga classes are also available.